Easy PC Maintenance Guide - Courtesy of Doc's Computer Services

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Computers have ventured into several different sectors of everyday life. Almost everyone, from students to large corporations, depend on computers to perform their daily operations. Even though computers have become important to us, many of us do not try to learn more about what we need to know in order to keep our computers working properly. Computer failures usually leave the majority of us clueless, and we end up spending large amounts of money to get them fixed.

All of this trouble can easily be prevented by following a few simple computer maintenance tasks. Let’s take a look at some common but simple computer maintenance activities that you can perform to maintain a healthy system.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Registry: The Windows registry is an important component of all Windows operating systems released after Windows 95. The importance of the registry is governed by the fact that it is the central database that comprises all configuration information required by your computer, and its hardware and software components, to function. Neglecting the registry leads to an accumulation of a large amount of outdated, invalid, and unwanted data in the registry. This junk information leads to uncontrolled growth of the registry that may result in computer errors. For instance, errors such as missing framedyn.dll error, code 10 error, and 217 runtime errors may occur on your computer due to corrupt or damaged registry entries. To perform registry maintenance, and to prevent these computer errors, you may use an efficient and trust-worthy registry cleaner tool. Using a good registry cleaner tool, you can perform a deep and thorough registry scan to repair errors and weed out unwanted entries from it, make regular registry backups, and defrag the registry to reduce its size and speed up the data access time.
  1. Maintain a Virus and Spyware Free System: Virus and spyware infections may cause dramatic deterioration in the performance of your system, generate several computer errors, and display popup ads without your consent. Two important tools are needed to remove virus and spyware infections and to maintain a computer free of these infections. These tools are antivirus and antispyware tools. These tools are must for all computer users. You must keep these tools updated with the latest definitions, enable their real-time protection feature, and run regular full-system scans to ensure that you are protected against the latest threats at all times.
  1. Maintain an Updated and Secure Computer: Despite thorough testing, there are many bugs and security lapses left behind in software products when they are released for commercial use in the market. This is the reason why manufacturers release regular updates to patch up these lapses when they are discovered. To maintain a high performance and secure computer, it is important for you to install these patches when they are released.
  1. Maintain an Uncluttered and Optimized Hard Disk: Because all your data is stored on the hard disk, it is very important for you to maintain your hard disk at an optimal performance level in order to ensure yourself a trouble-free computer, and fix slow PC problems. Your Windows XP and Windows Vista computer includes two tools that can help you with this task. They are the Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter tools. Using the Disk Cleanup tool, you can scan and cleanup all unwanted files and data from the hard disk. After you have cleaned the hard disk, you can use the Disk Defragmenter tool to consolidate all fragmented information on the hard disk and optimize it for the best possible performance.